HubSpot's JD Sherman: Callin' Baton Rouge Home

Posted by Jared Broussard

Feb 15, 2017 4:44:37 PM

JD Sherman Speaking in Baton Rouge


We are not quite sure if JD Sherman, HubSpot's President and COO, is a Garth Brooks fan or not. However, if you follow him on Twitter, he is certainly not shy about sending his love down to his hometown of Baton Rouge. Whether it's recognizing his childhood idol, Bert Jones, or dreaming of warmer weather and unmatched cuisine, JD Sherman always has Louisiana on his mind. 

            LSU Football.jpg                           Retire in LA.jpg                                                          

While his imagination may wander home from time to time, his true destination for the past five years has been centered on the IPO for HubSpot. Unlike Garth Brooks, JD Sherman had no intent of stopping every hundred miles. With map in hand and foot on the pedal, JD Sherman and HubSpot reached their IPO destination on October 8, 2014. 

JD Sherman has eagerly waited for the opportunity to travel back home to share how successful companies rethink the way they market and sell to match how modern consumers shop and buy. He has passed all truck stops and ignored all signs, and he is ready for the operator to patch him through to Baton Rouge. 

JD Sherman will be spending some time in the arms of Louisiana, thanks to a partnership effort between the New Orleans HUG, Gulf Coast HUG, and Baton Rouge HUG. If you attend this event, we're certain you'll walk away with more than a cup of coffee and a couple of dollars change. The only way to be sure is to send your love (and your attendance) down to Baton Rouge. 

JD Sherman Baton Rouge EVENT

Gulf Coast HUG, New Orleans HUG, and Baton Rouge HUG Present J.D. Sherman

What: How Companies Should Think About Growth

Who: JD Sherman, President & COO of HubSpot

When: Thursday, March 9, 2017 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM (CST)

Where: Baton Rouge, LA | Renaissance Hotel | 7000 Bluebonnet Blvd.

Why: It's free. It's informative. And, it's JD Sherman. What else do you want? Orange Ping Pong Balls from HubSpot? Deal!

Details: JD Sherman will share thoughts and experiences on the following:

  • The evolution of how consumers shop and buy
  • Why businesses should think about their marketing/sales as an investment rather than an expense
  • Match the way you run your company to the way people want to live and work

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Lyrics for "Callin' Baton Rouge":

I spent last night in the arms of a girl in Louisiana

And though I'm out on the highway, my thoughts are still with her

Such a strange combination of a woman and a child

Such a strange situation stoppin' every hundred miles

Callin' Baton Rouge

A replay of last night's events roll through my mind

Except a scene or two erased by sweet red wine

And I see a truck stop sign ahead, so I change lanes

I need a cup of coffee and a couple dollars change

Callin' Baton Rouge

Operator, won't you put me on through

I gotta send my love down to Baton Rouge

Hurry up, won't you put her on the line

I gotta talk to the girl just one more time

Hello, Samantha dear, I hope you're feelin' fine

And it won't be long until I'm with you all the time

But until then, I'll spend my money up right down to my last dime

Callin' Baton Rouge

Operator, won't you put me on through

I gotta send my love down to Baton Rouge

Hurry up, won't you put her on the line

I gotta talk to the girl just one more time

Callin' Baton Rouge

Sweet Baton Rouge

Hope to see you at the event. 

Jared Broussard

JD Sherman Baton Rouge EVENT



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