Inbound Marketing: A Step By Step Guide For Baton Rouge Marketers

Posted by Jared Broussard

Jul 1, 2014 2:02:54 PM


The second Baton Rouge HUG will be held on Friday, July 11th at the BlinkJar Media office for 9:00am. Brilliant marketing minds from the greater Baton Rouge area will gather to discuss the basics of Inbound Marketing.

Sometimes getting back to the basics can be boring, but that is certainly not the case with our shindig. Our presentation on Inbound will be entertaining, moving, and informative. Still on the fence? What if we bribed you with free Hubspot Ping Pong balls?  Look at you-- already changed your mind. That's why we like you.  

At the meeting, we will breakdown the basics of Inbound Marketing in a unique and entertaining format. The only requirement for attending this meeting is an absolute interest in learning more about Inbound Marketing. Whether you are a business owner, marketing agency, or a student, there will be hidden marketing treasures for everyone.

Still not enough? The cherry on top may be the complimentary bagel and coffee available to all attendees. A special thanks to our friends at Hubspot who will be supporting your dietary efforts. The Inbounders at Hubspot not only know how to build a passionate tribe of marketers, but they also are keenly aware of what it takes to motivate the marketing minds of the Baton Rouge community.

Now that you are convinced on attending the Baton Rouge HUG, we have placed a link to the Eventbrite page for your convenience. If you have any questions regarding the event, please do not hesitate to email Jared Broussard at

Sign Up For The Baton Rouge HUG HERE.

We look forward to sharing some Inbound Marketing magic.  

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